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About Slim

The Owner

I was born and raised on the south side of Houston Tx. Since I was a kid I had a passion for cooking. I honestly think it was just something I was born to have a passion to do. I remember being really excited to come home and watch cooking shows after school. The challenge and need for precision really peaked my interest. I slightly ventured from my dream when I received my Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from Prairie View A&M University. Now I am back to take the catering world by full storm. 


keeping Family close

Growing up, I remember producing great food as the highlight of my childhood. Being able to build my catering company and bring my family along has always been a dream of mines. They have passed down the recipes and techniques that elevate the taste and quality of my food, even til this day. Don’t be fooled, they still keep a few secrets for themselves, but have shared a great deal with me and continue to help me elevate.    



“The Creole Queen” her gumbo is unmatched. But don’t limit her to it.




Public Relations/Decor 

“I will do everything else you just focus on the food”

Pit Master



From fall of the bone ribs, to juicy grilled chicken.. 

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